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storage service

฿ 1,000.00

Storage service

Our fee is Baht 1,000 per box Panwa Group of Companies offers company-document storage solutions to companies that have been liquidated as well as companies […]

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rep office certificate

฿ 50,000.00

Representative Office Registration in Thailand

Service fee: Baht 50,000 No government fee A representative office is an office established by a company in a foreign country which Thai Government will […]

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Meet with the Police_new

฿ 5,000.00

Meet with the Police (on behalf of the client) for Delayed Filing of Financ...

Provision Cost: Service fee is Baht 5,000 Other related fees: Duplicate (update) of Company’s affidavit is Baht 1,000 Government fee is Baht 200 Penalty Charge […]

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duplicate documents

฿ 2,000.00

Duplication of Document for Supporting Visa and Work Permit Extension in Th...

Service fee: Duplication of documents will depend on the documents, which starting fee is Baht 2,000. Government fees: depend on types of documents to be […]

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Director services

฿ 18,000.00

Director services

Service fee: Baht 18,000 We will provide Thai directorship service to your company for some case only such as in case you need to apply […]

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฿ 50,000.00

Company ready made for sale

Our service fee: our fee starting at rate 50,000 – 90,000 or over (depend on the year olds of establish) We have more than 20 […]

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฿ 35,000.00

Closing of Representative Office in Thailand

Service fee: Baht 35,000 Government fee is Baht 1,630 Timeline and Procedure Normally take time allow 1-3 months to complete the job Step 1. Set […]

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Shareholder list form

฿ 5,000.00

Change of name and last name of the shareholder

Our service fee: Baht 5,000 Government fee: Baht 50 per page Normally no need to register for the change but can prepare the application forms […]

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฿ 5,000.00

Income Tax Payment Certificate

Our service fee: Bah 5,000 Government fee: None Supporting documents required (in case of an individual taxpayer): 1.A copy of the filed personal income tax […]

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฿ 5,000.00

Certificate of Residence

Our service fee: Baht 5,000 Government fee: None Supporting documents required (in case of an individual taxpayer); 1.Form RO.01 2.A copy of the filed income […]

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฿ 5,000.00

Change of the information of the company on the website of DBD such as webs...

Our service fee: ฺBaht 5,000 Government fee: None Change of the information of the company on the website of DBD., such as website, email and […]

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฿ 5,000.00

Change of name and last name of the director

Our service fee: Baht 5,000 Government fee: 200 Normally no need to register for the change but can prepare the application forms and then submit […]

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Title deed

฿ 4,000.00

Duplicate of title deed

Our service fee Baht 4,000 not include the traveling fee in case the land is located in out of Bangkok. Government fee -Duplication fee Baht […]

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legalization of docuemnts

฿ 5,000.00

Legalization (Authentication or Certification) of Documents at Chinese Emba...

The Chinese Embassy in Thailand can legalize 2 kinds of the document as follows: 1. General personal documents such as diploma, birth, death and marriage […]

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change e-registration information

฿ 10,000.00

Change electronic juristic information

Our service fee Starting fee is Baht 10,000 Government fee: -Amend of registration list (any item) Baht 350 -Affidavit Baht 200 -Certificate Baht 100 per […]

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฿ 5,000.00

Corporate Bank Account in Thailand

Service fee : Open company bank account is Baht 5,000 Covering; To coordinate, prepare and arrange application including send staff to assist directly at Bank. […]

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฿ 4,000,000.00

House for Sale or Rent in Phang Nga

For sale is Baht 4 million or Monthly rental fee is Baht 20,000. Location; 73/46 Thetsaban Bamrung, Tambon Thai Chang, Amphoe Mueang Phang-nga, Chang Wat […]

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Registration Product License of Narcotics Substances

Products required having license Narcotic drug schedule 3 Psychotropic substance schedule 3 and 4 Provision Cost Government Fee (new drugs) 736,000 Government Fee (generic drugs) […]

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Registration Product License of Hazardous substance

Provision Cost • Government Fee 5,200 • Evaluation of the toxic, risks, criteria 12,000 and testing quality which does not meet benefits with labeling, and […]

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Request FDA for Medical Devices

To request FDA license for medical devices, we offer the services for two categories. I. Manufacture and Import license of medical devices II. Sale license […]

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Requesting Cosmetic FDA License in Thailand

Provision Cost  Inspection of application 100  Consideration Analysis of Cosmetic 1,000  Consideration Analysis of Cosmetic Type 3,000  Product Registration with 1- […]

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Request Drugs FDA in Thailand

Services Under FDA Drugs, we provide services for four categories which are as below 1. Generic drugs registration 2. Manufacture for generic drugs / traditional […]

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Prescribed food to have quality or standard


Applying Food and Drug Administration License in Thailand

Services We provide FDA License services for these kinds of products; 1. Food 2. Drug 3. Narcotic 4. Cosmetic 5. Hazardous substance 6. Medical Device […]

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฿ 10,000.00

Apply personal Tax ID

Provision cost for apply personal Tax ID Service fee is Baht 10,000.00 **In case if you work in provinces (outside of Bangkok), you can check […]

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฿ 8,000.00

Additional branch office registration

Service fee is Baht 8,000. Provision cost Service fee is Baht 8,000.00 Government fee is Baht 600.00 Total cost is Baht 8,600.00 Procedure and timeline […]

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฿ 50,000.00

change of accounting period, modify accounting period

Change of accounting period Provision cost for change of accounting period Service fee is Baht 50,000.00 (the fee depends on case by case, thus, please […]

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฿ 10,000.00

Change of article of association, modify company article of association ser...

Change of article of association Service Fee is Baht 10,000. Normally the company which do not register for the article of association will use following […]

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฿ 48,000.00

Company Secretarial service, Company Secretary Thailand

Service fee is Baht 48,000 per year The scope of this service includes preparing necessary documents for your companyม including providing storage for documents. We […]

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฿ 17,000.00

Limited Partnership registration, setting up Limited Partnership in Thailan...

Setting up limited partnership Setting-up limited partnership follows the same process of setting up company limited, but for this case the minimum requirement is only […]

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฿ 10,000.00

Change of company name and company seal

Change of company name and company seal To change of company name, you need to register at DBD and RD., and in this case you […]

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฿ 2,000.00

Notary Public, Notarization, Authentication (Certify) of Documents Thailand...

Notary Public – Bangkok, Thailand Notary public is certifying by lawyer in Thailand , which in case you need to use the English documents to […]

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฿ 10,000.00

Change of Company Objectives

Change of Objectives When you run your business in Thailand, you can run the business following the specific objectives when you register, and for other […]

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฿ 5,000.00

Import and Export License Thailand, application procedure timeline and cost...

Import & export license ; company which wish to carry about import-export the goods in Thailand for the convenience to carry out their business needs to […]

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฿ 8,000.00

VAT registration, VAT application, VAT Thailand

VAT Registration in Thailand, Bangkok, Phuket and other provinces all over Thailand Service fee is 8,000.00 Conditions for VAT Registration Business Operator who carry on […]

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฿ 5,000.00

open bank account, corporate bank account opening in Thailand

Open bank account “Provision Cost and Scope of Work” We have 2 options for this kind of service: Option 1 service fee is Baht 5,000, […]

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