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฿ 5,000.00

Corporate Bank Account in Thailand

Service fee : Open company bank account is Baht 5,000 Covering; To coordinate, prepare and arrange application including send staff to assist directly at Bank. […]

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฿ 4,000,000.00

House for Sale or Rent in Phang Nga

For sale is Baht 4 million or Monthly rental fee is Baht 20,000. Location; 73/46 Thetsaban Bamrung, Tambon Thai Chang, Amphoe Mueang Phang-nga, Chang Wat […]

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Registration Product License of Narcotics Substances

Products required having license Narcotic drug schedule 3 Psychotropic substance schedule 3 and 4 Provision Cost Government Fee (new drugs) 736,000 Government Fee (generic drugs) […]

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Registration Product License of Hazardous substance

Provision Cost • Government Fee 5,200 • Evaluation of the toxic, risks, criteria 12,000 and testing quality which does not meet benefits with labeling, and […]

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Request FDA for Medical Devices

To request FDA license for medical devices, we offer the services for two categories. I. Manufacture and Import license of medical devices II. Sale license […]

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Requesting Cosmetic FDA License in Thailand

Provision Cost  Inspection of application 100  Consideration Analysis of Cosmetic 1,000  Consideration Analysis of Cosmetic Type 3,000  Product Registration with 1- […]

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Request Drugs FDA in Thailand

Services Under FDA Drugs, we provide services for four categories which are as below 1. Generic drugs registration 2. Manufacture for generic drugs / traditional […]

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Prescribed food to have quality or standard


Applying Food and Drug Administration License in Thailand

Services We provide FDA License services for these kinds of products; 1. Food 2. Drug 3. Narcotic 4. Cosmetic 5. Hazardous substance 6. Medical Device […]

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฿ 10,000.00

Apply personal Tax ID

Provision cost for apply personal Tax ID Service fee is Baht 10,000.00 **In case if you work in provinces (outside of Bangkok), you can check […]

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฿ 8,000.00

Additional branch office registration

Service fee is Baht 8,000. Provision cost Service fee is Baht 8,000.00 Government fee is Baht 600.00 Total cost is Baht 8,600.00 Procedure and timeline […]

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฿ 50,000.00

change of accounting period, modify accounting period

Change of accounting period Provision cost for change of accounting period Service fee is Baht 50,000.00 (the fee depends on case by case, thus, please […]

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฿ 10,000.00

Change of article of association, modify company article of association ser...

Change of article of association Service Fee is Baht 10,000. Normally the company which do not register for the article of association will use following […]

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฿ 48,000.00

Company Secretarial service, Company Secretary Thailand

Service fee is Baht 48,000 per year The scope of this service includes preparing necessary documents for your companyม including providing storage for documents. We […]

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฿ 17,000.00

Limited Partnership registration, setting up Limited Partnership in Thailan...

Setting up limited partnership Setting-up limited partnership follows the same process of setting up company limited, but for this case the minimum requirement is only […]

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฿ 10,000.00

Change of company name and company seal

Change of company name and company seal To change of company name, you need to register at DBD and RD., and in this case you […]

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฿ 2,000.00

Notary Public, Notarization, Authentication (Certify) of Documents Thailand...

Notary Public – Bangkok, Thailand Notary public is certifying by lawyer in Thailand , which in case you need to use the English documents to […]

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฿ 10,000.00

Change of Company Objectives

Change of Objectives When you run your business in Thailand, you can run the business following the specific objectives when you register, and for other […]

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฿ 5,000.00

Import and Export License Thailand, application procedure timeline and cost...

Import & export license ; company which wish to carry about import-export the goods in Thailand for the convenience to carry out their business needs to […]

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฿ 8,000.00

VAT registration, VAT application, VAT Thailand

VAT Registration in Thailand, Bangkok, Phuket and other provinces all over Thailand Service fee is 8,000.00 Conditions for VAT Registration Business Operator who carry on […]

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฿ 5,000.00

open bank account, corporate bank account opening in Thailand

Open bank account “Provision Cost and Scope of Work” We have 2 options for this kind of service: Option 1 service fee is Baht 5,000, […]

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฿ 10,000.00

Increasing capital, capital increasing in Thailand

Registration of Increase in Paid Up Capital Provision cost for Increase Paid Up Capital – Service fee for increase capital is Baht 10,000.00 (for increase […]

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฿ 3,000.00

change shareholders’ list, change shareholder, shareholder registrati...

Change of Shareholder Registration “Provision Cost” Service Fee is Baht 3,000.00 Government fee is Baht (per page) 50.00 (in case of more than 1 page, […]

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฿ 18,000.00

Business address, company address

Address for registration in Thailand – Bangkok We can provide address for company registration purpose only. Provision cost Service fee for use our address is […]

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฿ 10,000.00

Change director registration Thailand, Chang in director, move director, te...

Change of Director(s) Registration “Provision Cost” – Service fee is Baht 10,000.00 – Estimated Government Fees is Baht 1,450.00 (depends on coming in and out […]

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฿ 25,000.00

Company Liquidation Thailand, closing company and liquidatiton

Closing of company and Liquidation of Company Provision cost for closing dormant company Service fee for registration for closing of company at DBD and Revenue […]

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฿ 20,000.00

TAT license Thailand, application and

Apply TAT license For business in Thailand related to tourism, it requires a license before operating. Provision cost for apply TAT license Service fee is […]

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฿ 20,000.00

Trade Mark in Thailand, application and certification

Trade mark In case you have trade mark for your service or product, if you need it to be protected by law from a competitor, […]

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฿ 35,000.00

Treaty of Amity application for American owned company

Treaty of Amity Provision cost for register Treaty of Amity – Service fee is Baht 35,000.00 – Government fee to submit the Application 2,000.00 – […]

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฿ 8,000.00

Change of Company Address Registration

Change address of company, there are 2 cases in registering for change of Business address, thus the fees, the timeline, the documents required and the […]

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฿ 17,000.00

Setting up company, Company registration in Thailand, Company formatting

Service fee for company registration: Baht 17,000 (For company’s capital not exceeding Baht 5 million) – Guarantee completion within 3 working days and to all […]

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Employee Welfare Fund in Thailand

ไม่มีหมวดหมู่ November 8, 2017

For companies with at least 10 employees that do not have a provident fund, an Employee welfare fund will be established to compensate the employees who resign, are laid off, or die in service. Both employers and employees will be required to contribute to this fund.

In addition to these provisions, there are restrictions on the kind of work that women and children can perform. Guidelines are set for wages and overtime, as well as resolution of labor-management disputes. The employers are required to pay worker compensation if an employee suffers injury, sickness or death in the course of work. Thai law also requires employers to provide welfare facilities, including medical and sanitary facilities.

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working hour in Thailand

ไม่มีหมวดหมู่ November 8, 2017

The maximum number of hours for non-hazardous work is 8 hours a day, but not exceeding 48 hours per week. Where the working hours of any day are less than 8 hours, the employer and employee may agree to make up the remaining working hours in other normal working days, but not exceed 9 hours per day and the total wrking hours per week shall not exceed 48 hours. In some types of work as stipulated by law, the employer and the employee may agree to arrange the period of wroking hours, but it still must not exceed 48 hours a week. Hazardous work may not exceed 7 hours a day, or 42 hours per week. The employees are entitled to no fewer than 13  national holidays per year, as well as minimum of 6 days of annual vacation after working consecutively for 1 dull year. The employees have the choice of whether they wish to work overtime or on holidays. A female employee is entitled to maternity leave for a period of 90 days including holidays, but paid leave shall not exceed 45 days.

All employees are entitled to a daily rest period of at least 1 hour after working 5 consecutive hours. The employer and the employee may arrange the daily rest period to be shorter than 1 hour at each time, but it must not be less than 1 hour a day in total. A weekly holiday of at least 1 day per week at intervals of a six-day period must be arranged by the employer.

For work performed in excess of the maximum number or working hours fixed either by law or by specific agreement (if the latter is lower), the employees must be paid overtime compensation. The rates for overtime vary and range from 1-1/2 time to 3 times the normal hourly wage rate for the actual overtime worked. The maximum number of overtime working hours is limited to not more than 36 hours a week.

The minimum age for employment is 15 years, and the works below the age of 18 are banned from dangerous and hazardous jobs. They are also prohibited from working overtime, on holidays, or between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. A pregnant employee is also prohibited from working overtime, on holidays, or between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. However, if she works in an executive position, or performs academic, administrative, and/ or work relating to finance or accounts, the employer may assign her to work overtime on a working day with her consent insofar as it does not effect the health of the pregnant employee.

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Land Ownership

ไม่มีหมวดหมู่ November 8, 2017

In general, non-Thai business and citizens are not permitted to own land in Thailand unless the land is on government-approved industrial estates However, companies that are more than 50% Thai-owned may legally own land An exception to the rule relates to projects approved by the Board of Investment. A promoted company with 50% or more of the shares held by foreigner may apply for the land ownership by submitting the appropriate form to the office of Board of Investment (OBOI). Once the land acquisition is approved, the OBOI will send a letter of approval to the applicant and will notify the Department of Land or the provincial governor.

In addition to projects approved by the Board of Investment, petroleum concessionaires may own land necessary for their activities.

Under the 1999 amendment to the Land Code, foreigners who invest a minimum of Baht 40 million are permitted to buy up to 1,600 square meters of land for residential use, with the permission of the Ministry of Interior. An investor has to maintain the investment more than 5 years.

Foreigners are also permitted to own buildings on land that is leased, because there are no restrictions on building ownership. Foreigner can, thus, lease land and build on it and are permitted to own the structure.

Foreign individuals and foreign companies are allowed to hold title to condominium units in building that qualify. The rule is that foreigner may own no more than 49% of the total units in the building at any one time. If the proposed transfer would cause the building to exceed 49% foreign ownership it would violate the above rule, and the official would reject the transfer.

Although Thailand does not yet have a requirement for an escrow account to protect the interests of the purchaser of properties, an escrow account may be voluntarily entered into by the contracting parties under the Escrow Act of May 21, 2008. Only commercial banks and finance companies under the law governing financial institutional business, and banks established under a specific law may operate as escrow agents. By placing the agreement deposits into escrow accounts, the purchaser can decrease risks. A new condominium Act significantly protects the interest of the buyers.

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